Rigby’s Encyclopaedia of the Herring

aka The Herripedia

What’s in a Name? (3 of 6)

Carousel, Biggie Smalls & Angus Watson; taxonomy, racial theory & global warming: a herring tale in 8 fitts with 8 hand-crafted limericks.

What’s in a Name? (3 of 6)

About Episode Three

An interwoven narrative of the Great Sardine Litigation, taxonomy and etymology, scientific racism and the racial theory of the herring, a Soviet systematist’s struggles with the system, genetics and global warming. A story in 8 fitts and with 8 limericks and featuring a cast including Enoch Snow, Oscars Hammerstein I, II & III, Biggie Smalls, The Junk Yard Band, Linnaeus, Darwin, Francis Galton, Heincke, Hodgson and Anatoly Svetovidov. What more do you want?

00:00 Fitt the First: Sardines or Herrings

07:15 Fitt the Second: Angus Watson

12:35 Fitt the Third: The Glory that was Rome

17:11 Fitt the Fourth: Plain English

20:14 Fitt the Fifth: A Taxonomic Descent of the Herring

25:12 Fitt the Sixth: Oh, Friedrich!

35:52 Fitt the Seventh: Svetovidov & Ponomareva

41:04 Fitt the Eighth: Change is Gonna Come

43:33 End/Acknowledgements