Rigby’s Encyclopaedia of the Herring

A work in progress with no end in sight

F is for...


The herring's squeak or fart, from C17th Lübeck to 1980s Soviet submarine incursions into Swedish waters and a 2003 Ig Nobel Award


On herrings and fasting, fish-based fasting on Fridays and in Lent and its origins in earlier religions, cults and/or alien contact


On when herrings feed, their favourite foods at different points in their life cycle and the effect of what they eat on their own oiliness


On the development, nature and adaptability of the sailing and steam drifters, the Fifie; its unsurprising origins on the Fife coast


Birdseye Frozen Foods, Clarence Birdseye, Captain Birdseye and the original herring prototype for fish fingers


A brief, possibly unnattractive account of fleas and their use in a Norfolk fisherman's ability to predict herring catches