Rigby’s Encyclopaedia of the Herring

aka The Herripedia

Podcast is for...

Lenten Stuffe (4 of 6)

Fasting, fish, Lent - all you need to know! Duhig's Paschal Anthem, Dumas' lost prequel, Constantine, St Augustine, von Daniken & Falstaff.

Sovereign of the Seas (2 of 6)

Herrings, herring busses, sovereignty & fishing limits; Chopwell Wood & Charles I's head; and The Herring Buss, an jig from Rob Harbron.

The Art of Gutting Fish (5 of 6)

Fishwives? Fisher lasses? Herring girls? Herring lasses? Lots of them! Plus an interview with artist Penelope Payne on her herring lass works...

What’s in a Name? (3 of 6)

Carousel, Biggie Smalls & Angus Watson; taxonomy, racial theory & global warming: a herring tale in 8 fitts with 8 hand-crafted limericks.