Rigby’s Encyclopaedia of the Herring

aka The Herripedia

Sovereign of the Seas (2 of 6)

Herrings, herring busses, sovereignty & fishing limits; Chopwell Wood & Charles I’s head; and The Herring Buss, an jig from Rob Harbron.

Sovereign of the Seas (2 of 6)

About Episode Two

The herring and the sad story of C17th struggles for British maritime sovereignty and fishing limits, the chopping down of Chopwell Wood and the chopping off of Charles I’s head, not to mention the fishy obsessions of the House of Stuart – together with The Herring Buss, a traditional jig played by Rob Harbron, the herripedia’s Official English Concertina Player.

O.00 Titles / In Chopwell Wood with Ceoppa and Charles I;

3.05 Back in my study with the herring mad House of Stuart;

10.30 The Herring Buss, played by Rob Harbron;

11.50 Herrings moves up the political agenda;

15.05 The Herring Buss reprise;

15.10 Sovereignty, herring fishing limits & Charles I’s vision;

23:30 The Herring Buss reprise;

23:40 Sovereign of the Seas, Thomas Heywood & Chopwell Wood;

31:00 The Herring Buss reprise;

31:15 Ship Money & ship spending, Thomases Cary & Carew, Charles I’s last words;

41.30 The Herring Buss reprise;

42.05 Acknowledgements.